New Leadership Course Coming This Fall

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Great leaders are not born, they’re made. The process of becoming a truly successful and effective leader requires practice and the willingness to learn and grow.

Dan Yeomans is a new instructor for our Business Programs who will be teaching a brand new leadership workshop coming this fall quarter. His background includes a thirty year career in the U.S. Air Force and time spent working as a Leadership Consultant at Microsoft. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him to Bellevue College Continuing Education.

This workshop will be available for registration online Thursday, August 3. Until then, read our Q&A with Dan Yeomans and find out if a leadership class is right for you:

What is your background in leadership training? How will you use your experience in the course – The “Real” Keys to Effective Leadership?

I have developed thousands of “business skill” workshops for multiple corporations and facilitated most successfully during my career. Whether the subject was influencing, negotiating, driving change, project management, etc. the core skill required to be successful was effective leadership.

During my 30 year career in the United States Air Force, I reached the highest enlisted grade. In that capacity, I was required to lead and manage thousands of Air Force professionals to perform critical missions with less than optimal equipment and force numbers. We succeeded.

In my post Air Force life, I managed critical projects and processes for many key corporations and pride myself on the successes we achieved. At each step along the way, I kept my eyes open, squinted my ears to effectively listen, and experienced what worked—and oftentimes more importantly—what didn’t.

What led you to teach at Bellevue College Continuing Education?

I was introduced to Bellevue by a close friend and colleague, Bill Dow, who I worked closely with for many years as a Leadership Consultant at Microsoft Corporation. I quickly grew to appreciate Bellevue’s methodology and desire to enable corporate clients to succeed through quality and “applicable” training that can be applied on the job from Day One!

Who is a good candidate to take this course? Why?

Anyone who wants to position themselves for success in the corporate environment. Anyone who has the title of leader, but looks behind them and sees few followers. Anyone who wants to improve their awareness of self, and learn how to better manage their actions to become more aware and improve relationships. Anyone who already considers themselves to be a great leader—we’ll validate your perception—and perhaps—take you from great to greater.

What are the top three learning outcomes a student will gain?

Our goals—in a short 12 hours:

  • Improve your negotiating and influencing skills—key to effective leadership.
  • Improve your ability to effectively communicate in a way that resonates, shows value, persuades, and overcomes key communication blockers.
  • Improve your ability to “effectively” drive commitment, solve problems, drive change, and reach the right decisions.
  • Understand your Emotional Intelligence—and improve.

Why are leadership skills important in the workplace and beyond?

Every organization, corporate entity, and individual needs to assess who they are, what their driving passions are, and how they can go from good to great. Without effective leadership, corporations and organizations fail to meet their full potential and/or fail altogether. Without effective leadership skills, relationships falter, and dreams remain simply dreams—never achieved.

What will the classroom experience be like – projects, activities, discussions, etc.?

We will share the concepts, tap into the collective knowledge base of the group, and strive to better understand ourselves and others. By course completion, through discussion, activities, and deep thought—each attendee should leave with an action plan on how to get to where they want to be as a leader.

Why should someone sign up for the course?

Every course has four levels of measurements to determine if success was achieved:

  • Level 1: Have Fun (You will)
  • Level 2: Learn Cool Stuff (You will)
  • Level 3: Apply Learnings (You will be motivated to do so)
  • Level 4: Business Value (You will become more self-aware, better manage yourself and relationships, and learn how to provide value to self and others)

What inspires you to teach this course?

People: Most who attend continuing education course have a burning desire to improve themselves and their marketability. I strive to hopefully assist all in this journey in a way that makes a difference.


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Last Updated July 26, 2017