Q & A With Dave Rex, Director of Healthcare Solutions

  1. Why did you choose to work at Bellevue College Continuing Education?

Having served with Bellevue College for the past 4 years, I believe that the Continuing Education division has unique opportunities to expand the mission of the College. This is particularly true in, “providing high-quality, flexible, accessible educational programs” and addressing “the life-long educational development of its students”. These two components of the college mission provide amazing options for students, and align with the healthcare community in general, as it develops the concept of “practitioner scholar” which is a life-long education model.


  1. What is your educational background and experience?

I have served in a myriad of roles, with a primary healthcare focus. In my senior year of high school I served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT. One of the benefits of this early service in Emergency Medicine was the flexibility in scheduling. This afforded me the opportunity to attend college full time while continuing to work full time. Over the next 20 years, I was able to complete multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees, including natural sciences, psychology, paramedicine, and medicine. I was also fortunate to continue full-time service in a variety of roles in emergency and clinical medicine. This service has spanned the globe including Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, as well as right here at home. The combination of education and professional service provided me with an excellent foundation to transition into healthcare education.


  1. What are you most excited about in this new position as Director of Healthcare Solutions?

Continuing Education affords the opportunity to address many of the “less traditional” approaches to education. This is of particular interest in healthcare, for two primary reasons. First, healthcare is an ever changing and expanding science and practice. This demands a new flexibility that many of the traditional academic programs cannot accommodate. Traditional programs are still valuable and form the core of education and training in healthcare. Second, Continuing Education addresses need for flexible formats and times to accomplish ongoing or life-long education. Maintaining a traditional campus 24/7 would be difficult at best. Continuing Education has the ability to be accommodating to working professionals. Being able to serve our students with flexible, in-demand programs is an exciting premise.


  1. What opportunities do you see for Continuing Education in the Healthcare industry?

Healthcare has long embraced the need for continuing education; in fact, it is a requirement in order to maintain most certifications or licenses. Our Continuing Education department has the opportunity to serve our region as the premier provider of ongoing healthcare training. Partnerships with our local healthcare industry will ensure that we are providing the necessary training to ensure individual competency and industry standards.


  1. How do you plan to best serve the Bellevue College Continuing Education students and community?

The best way for the healthcare solutions department to serve our students and community is by providing timely, current, valuable and flexible courses and programs that prepare for excellent service in healthcare.


  1. What does lifelong learning mean to you? And why?

If you recognize the concept of learning in your daily life, you begin to see that it is part of life, not a separate task. Who hasn’t learned something new at work? Who hasn’t learned something new from a news program, a book, or a learned friend? These are all part of life and all part of learning. The only difference in a more traditional setting, such as a classroom, or online course is the formality. Whether formal or informal, learning is part of life.


Last Updated August 11, 2017