Meet David Hall, Director of Business and Professional Programs

David Hall

We are excited to introduce, David Hall, the new Director of Business Solutions at Bellevue College Continuing Education. David comes to us from the Main Campus at Bellevue College where he previously held the role of HR Generalist. He brings with him an extensive background in human resources management and business, including having served in the United States Air Force.

Learn more about David Hall in this Q&A:

Why did you choose to work at Bellevue College Continuing Education?

Working in Continuing Education affords me the opportunity to directly impact the quality of education that the surrounding community and students (including nationally) are experiencing. I enjoy cultivating the entrepreneurship spirit while ensuring I am providing a high quality product that will be beneficial to the students and the surrounding community. I believe that Bellevue College Continuing Education can help shape the surrounding market by developing current and future leaders in the workforce.

What is your educational background and experience?

My most recent background is in Human Resources. I served as an HR Generalist for Bellevue College (Main Campus) for 1.5 years. Previously, I worked as an HR Generalist in corporate for Seattle Goodwill. I have worked in secondary education at Dimmitt Middle as a substitute teacher as well as an Academic Liaison. I am the Co-Founder of K.D. Hall Foundation, which is a non-profit that supports women and girls in their development and economic advancement by being ready and prepared for their current or future careers. I served in the United States Air Force as an Aerospace Medic and was stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base. I have a Bachelors in Health Care Administration and an MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management.

What are you most excited about in this new position as Director of Business Solutions?

I am most excited about the endless amount of opportunities with the role of Director of Business Solutions. There is a great opportunity to help provide a pathway for our students to enhance their current skills, gain new skills, and networking with other individuals and companies.

How do you plan to best serve the Bellevue College Continuing Education students and community?

Students and the community can be best served by being provided with quality options that matter to them. It is my job to understand what the interest of both the students and community are and make sure we are making those available.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

I have lived in every time zone of the United States for at least a year, this includes six states.


Last Updated August 29, 2017