Idea Mapping Using MindManager with David Halverson

David Halverson

Idea Mapping is a refinement of the mind mapping methodology which can be used for many purposes including helping you to organize huge amounts of complex information, write a paper, capture notes, clarify your thinking, develop ideas and help you remember.

Idea Mapping is a great tool for students and should be included in their ‘toolbox’ of techniques to help them be successful with their studies. The same applies for anyone in business who needs to organize anything, lead a team or complete a project.

The world’s best software for Idea Mapping is MindManager. MindManager has over 80% of the world’s market-share for mind mapping software and so is the logical choice for someone wanting to use software for their mapping.

We are pleased to be able offer MindManager training through Bellevue College with course designer Jamie Nast who has taught 25,000 people how to use Idea Mapping. Classes will be taught by Dave Halverson, previous leader of the Boeing Mind Mapping Community of Practice and a former Customer Success Manager for Mindjet, the developer of the MindManager tool. Dave has deep experience working in IT project management and working with customers to help them with their MindManager utilization.

You will learn basic MindManager functions and be able to immediately apply the tool in your day-to-day activities. The course is totally hands-on with instructor-led activities and step-by-step instruction. You will have your own workstation loaded with the latest version of MindManager to develop practical, useful mini-projects during the class. People learn best by having fun and using what they are learning in real-life situations.

This course is for anyone that wants to improve their performance in school or business. Memory is enhanced by using colors and images in your maps. We will show you how to easily develop highly memorable Idea Maps for use in studying, developing research, giving presentations, developing projects and facilitating meetings.

Below is an example of the Idea Mapping Guidelines:
Visual of Mind Mapping.

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Last Updated November 20, 2017