Game Changers

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Game Changers are actions that can take an existing situation and change it in a significant way. For us a “game changer” is a class that makes a big impact in a short amount of time and is providing skills that are needed immediately in the job market.

Here are a few of our Game Changers:

Certified ScrumMaster in 2 sessions

Join us for two action-packed days including insight on these important topics: The three key needs of a self-organized team, difference between waterfall and agile, a defined view of the ScrumMaster role, selling the benefits of Scrum, strategies for cleaning up technical debt, writing effective user stories, characteristics of a great product owner, and developing the agile mindset to improve your work and life. You will leave this course ready to use your new-found knowledge to both pass the CSM Exam and start improving your project predictability and success rate right away!

Certified Scrum Product Owner in 2 sessions

The product owner role is pivotal in Scrum. Without their strong leadership and willingness to make tough trade-offs, Scrum projects will flounder. With her years of industry experience as a product owner, Angela offers her CSPO students a unique blend of theory and practical advice. Through exercises, discussion and real-world case studies, Angela’s students leave class ready to take ownership of the product owner role and begin creating products their customers love. Prepare yourself for two action-packed days including lecture, exercises, real-world stories and case studies, with plenty of time for questions. In addition to learning the basics of Scrum, you’ll also gain insight on differentiating product owner from project management, and how to navigate to successful goal completion. You will leave this course ready to use your new-found knowledge to start improving your project predictability and return on investment right away!

Agile Certified Practitioner in 3 sessions

This course is for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of what Agile is all about and insight into the principles of what makes Agile teams so successful. Potential students include current PMPs, project managers, project coordinators, functional managers, team leaders, product managers, program managers, project team members, analysts, subject matter experts, stakeholders, and senior managers in any industry who want to make sure that the product or service they are developing meets or exceeds customer expectations. 21 class hours.

Programming in Python Stack in 10 sessions

Three levels of Programming with Python bundled in one class. Python is an open-source, general-purpose, programming language whose design philosophy emphasizes code readability. This course has plenty of hands-on examples to illustrate how programming works. Learn types, operators, variables, IF statements, tuples, lists, dictionaries, functions and modules, files and exceptions, software objects and the object-oriented environment, relational database integration, networking, and web programming.

Powershell Stack in 6 sessions

Three levels of PowerShell bundled in one class. Learn to harness Microsoft Windows’ integrated scripting language to automate routine and complex administrative tasks. Get started with the basics of the language and progress to creating sophisticated scripts that you can easily share with other administrators in your network. This course will take the student from a beginning understanding of PowerShell, which will provide essential skills for Windows administrators of all levels, through advanced topics such as PowerShell for Active Directory, PowerShell for Azure, PowerShell for SCCM, and Desired State Configuration.

Coaching Skills for Leaders in 3 sessions

A key competency for managers is the ability to coach others. Practice and develop the leadership skills essential in helping others realize their full potential. Through presentation, discussion, and group activities this course addresses the following topics: coaching and performance management; what it takes to be a good coach; effective communication; and coaching competencies.

Cultivating Collaboration: Building Strong Teams in 2 sessions

Build strong teams and foster spirit, pride, commitment, and trust. There are definite team development stages and roles for each member. Practice developing and sustaining cooperative working relationships at all phases of team development. Explore ways to motivate and inspire others and promote cooperative working relationships. Promote participative leadership and empower your team. Yields 6 PDUs.

Last Updated December 5, 2017