Realize Your Career Dreams with Cloud Computing Classes

Cloud Genius

Companies across industries are adopting the cloud. Now, more than ever before, exists a growing demand for people who think different and have the skills to influence and drive these complex transitions from data centers to the Cloud. Currently, there are over 4,000 cloud computing jobs in the Seattle area listed on “Cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 attaining a CAGR of 19%,” according to Forbes.

Partnering with a top educator in the field, Cloud Genius®, we are now offering an online Cloud Bootcamp that results in a certificate from Cloud Genius, in addition to a certificate in Cloud Computing from Bellevue College Continuing Education. This intense, hands-on program will teach you the necessary skills required to level up in your career or break into the exciting world of cloud computing. Nilesh Londhe, founder and instructor at Cloud Genius, has created a curriculum that covers everything from Cloud Technologies, Cloud DevOps and Cloud Architecture, all within three in-depth modules. Each module in the program requires 24 hours of instruction and 8 sessions to complete.

There is a significant commitment required to complete the Cloud Computing Certificate, but the outcome is well worth it, according to graduates. Rob, who is a current student, says, “This program has helped me reach my goals by teaching me the skills, tools, and where to further my knowledge that will be used in both my projects at Boeing along with my personal projects at home. Essentially, you have taught me how to fish instead of just serving me delicious sushi on a platter.”

Cloud technologies are attracting all sorts of professionals to join this booming industry. So, who is a good candidate for the Cloud Computing Certificate? “Someone who has some experience with technology, but now wants to take complete control of their career and drive comprehensive business transformation for their employers, customers, or clients using the cloud,” says founder, Nilesh Londhe. What sets Cloud Genius apart from others is their focus on the big picture. While some programs teach platform-specific curriculum, Cloud Genius is platform agnostic: they focus on open source technologies and vendor neutral tools/services to craft together the best possible solution using the best of breed components available irrespective of the cloud vendor/service provider.

After completion, students have reported increased technical skills and career benefits, as well as the confidence to lead themselves and others into the future. “Whether you know it or not, these intangible skills along with concrete technical skills matter every day to how people perceive you and how powerfully you show up and deliver results,” says Nilesh. In other words, the skills you learn and the knowledge you gain can give you the confidence to power ahead in your career. This result is immeasurable and it is repeatedly reported by students who devote their time, energy, and effort into the program.

The ability to have confidence in what you have learned, what you know, and how capable you are to perform your job with great attention to detail is exactly why we offer this high-quality cloud bootcamp to our students. We want you to forge ahead in your career with the tools and training you need to be successful, and Cloud Genius can make that happen. Are you interested in learning more about this one-of-a-kind program? Visit Cloud Computing on our website to get details about the bootcamp and upcoming classes. If you have questions, please email


Last Updated February 12, 2018