Accelerate Your Programming Career

Keeping up with new programming languages can give you an advantage in your career. One of the most effective and efficient ways to stay current with the latest in the field is by taking a condensed course that covers everything you need to know, all in one convenient class. The Technology Program has designed two programming stacks for individuals who are looking to fast-track their careers in IT or level-up their current skills.

If you’re an entry-level or aspiring IT administrator and you want to jumpstart your career, take both stacks and become a rockstar IT professional. If you’re an experienced administrator and looking to take a deep dive into a new language, these stacks are a great way to become an expert in a short amount of time. Whatever your goals might be, these programming stacks will provide you with hands-on learning and up-to-date knowledge in just two months of classes.


The Programming with Python Stack (starts April 7) consists of three levels of Programming with Python bundled into 48 hours of coursework. The Python Stack is ideal for experienced or new developers eager to learn one of the most widely used languages. Students begin with fundamentals like types, operators, variables, and conditional statements, then progress to advanced concepts like, functions and modules, files, exceptions, and relational database, network, and web programming.


The PowerShell Stack (starts April 7) consists of three levels of PowerShell programming bundled into 24 hours of coursework. Students learn the essentials of PowerShell for Microsoft Windows Administrators of all levels, and additional advanced topics. PowerShell enables you to automate routine and complex administrative tasks, and is now available for Unix. Today’s employers seek PowerShell skills for SQL/DBA and numerous other professional programming careers.


Last Updated April 4, 2018