UX Design Certificate: Q&A with Completer, Diana Alayon Tarquino

The User Experience Design Certificate at Bellevue College Continuing Education is one of the fastest growing and in-demand technology certificates offered at North Campus. This professional certification is great for individuals who have a talent for design, along with a passion for technology. If you’re looking to gain valuable skills that will give you a competitive advantage in the UX/UI job market, this certificate will provide you with the necessary training and knowledge to forge ahead in your career. We spoke with recent graduate of the UX Design certificate, Diana Alayon Tarquino, who shared what her experience was like in the program and how she plans to move forward in her new career. Read Diana’s feedback on the UX Design Certificate:

What goal(s) were you hoping to accomplish with the UX Design Certificate?

As my background is in Product Design, I was hoping to build up more skills required or desired to transition into the UX Design field.

Why did you choose Bellevue College Continuing Education?

Mainly for two reasons: it was convenient as I live and work close to the BC North Campus. Also, I was looking for an accredited educational institution. I attended the open house and I really liked the required courses of the UX Design Certificate program. I could clearly see how it would help me build up my professional profile in order to be a stronger candidate for a UX Design position.

What are your three biggest takeaways from the program?

That (1) User-Centered Design requires an understanding and appreciation for users, that (2) to move from an idea to a solution you need to plan ahead, and great problem-solving skills is a must-have and, finally (3) you never end up having the best product/solution but need to come up with something so, do not fall in love with it and keep moving.

Was there a class or project that was especially impactful? Why?

Yes, Interaction Design with Gary Anderson. I learned the most useful techniques to speed up the design process without losing focus on what you need to accomplish. As a designer, it is pretty common to get stuck at some point in the design process, for example: you might lack ideas and think your creativity went to waste, you invest so much time solving something that was not relevant, you are not asking the right questions to your users to get the insights you need. Gary brought all his expertise into the classroom and walked us through all of these challenges in a flawless way.

How was your experience with the instructors?

All instructors were very professional and well prepared for class. Probably my favorite so far was Gary Anderson, for the reasons described above. I really liked his energetic and fun way to teach, especially considering that I was coming to class after work.

Did you make any networking or career connections?

Mainly with the teachers themselves. Some of them work independently and some others in companies that I would love to work for.

Do you think the experience will benefit your career?

Definitely, it will. Education is important to keep yourself up to date and to keep building your skills. After taking the program I feel more confident about changing my career path and I am passionate about it. It was also good to find out that some of the skills required to be an ideal User Experience Designer I already had so I am not stepping in an unknown space.

Was the capstone project useful?

It was very useful. It was the perfect opportunity to practice everything I had learned, try my best, and learn from the experience. I approached my project as a real job and in the real world. Sometimes it’s not about having all the skills for a job — it’s about learning them.

Final thoughts?

This is not the end of the UX Design Program for me but the beginning of an exciting episode in my life. I am determined to transition into the UX Design field and I keep looking for job opportunities to tackle challenging usability problems with awesome designers.

Visit the UX Design Certificate program page to read our overview of the certificate, and sign up for an in-person information session to hear from an instructor and ask any questions you have about the program.

Last Updated April 6, 2018