Instructor Q&A with Instructor Ryan Kiggins Regarding the New Class Fearless Facilitation

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What are the 3 main learning outcomes for students?

  • Learn what the most critical elements are for becoming a dynamic, effective facilitator.
  • Be able to clearly identify and avoid pitfalls that contribute to poor outcomes and facilitation.
  • Embrace the value of truth, transparency, and fun in the workplace.


Who should take this class?

  • Anyone with responsibilities for facilitating anything; from training, to workshops, to discussions, to meetings.
  • Anyone who is seeking facilitation resources.
  • Anyone who wants to develop and enhance skills as leaders and innovators


Why do you want to teach this?

I have spent nearly 20 years doing various types of facilitation, and have also seen dozens of other people facilitate. Over time, it became apparent to me that the things I’ve learned and observed over many years have led to an approach for facilitation that is more effective, collaborative, and fun than most facilitators. I want to share with others the mindsets I use so that they can become more the norm than the exception!


How did you get started with this topic?

I began facilitation very early on in my work career, providing training, collaboration, and workshop facilitation. It has always been something I’ve been drawn to and have always paid close attention to how others approach the task, how people respond to that, and what seems most effective.


How do you apply these skills in your job (if applicable)?

Facilitating training, collaboration and workshops is my full time job.


If you could tell students one thing about this class what would it be?

Come to this class to spend an active day discovering the components of dynamic facilitation and how you can go from someone who is willing to facilitate, to someone who is truly great at it!


What have you learned from teaching?

I have learned that the mood in the room is extremely important for allowing people to feel trusting and confident in what’s being shared. I’ve also learned that is important to be confident enough in what you teaching that you can adjust/adapt the training to the participants and their ideas/thoughts/pain points. If you are just talking to slides and following a strict curriculum, learners will easily be able to see that your grasp and expertise in what you’re teaching doesn’t warrant their attention and acceptance.

Fearless Facilitation is offered September 28 – 29 at 8:30am – 3pm.


Last Updated June 29, 2018