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If there is one career field that is not going anywhere, it is computer programming. Developer jobs are plentiful in the Seattle region with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Oracle, and other top technology companies with offices located in King County. If you’ve ever thought about pursuing your dreams of becoming a talented programmer, now is the time! Kickstart your journey toward working in this rewarding career with our professional classes and certificates offered through the Technology Solutions program. If you want to test out your knowledge first, try a standalone programming course. If you’re interested in pursuing a certification, attend a free information session for the C# Programming Certificate or contact the Technology Solutions program to find out more. Attend our Fall Open House on Tuesday, August 21 to learn about our Programming offerings and to speak with instructors and staff about your options.


New Cloud Computing with Azure, starts 8/18 and 11/28

New Immersive Realities Development, starts 10/3

New Solidity Programming for Blockchain, on 7/28

Algorithms in .NET, starts 10/20

Basic Programming Essentials, starts 9/17

C# Automation, starts 7/23 and 9/29

C# Programming Certificate Capstone, starts 9/26

C# Programming: 1, starts 10/1 and 10/6

C# Programming: 2, starts 9/18 and 10/31

C# Programming: 3, starts 11/5

C# Programming: 4, starts 10/2

Data Access Using C#, starts 10/30

JavaScript, starts 10/6

PowerShell Stack, starts 9/15

Programming with Python Stack, starts 9/15


Last Updated July 19, 2018