Structured Query Language (SQL) Level 1: Tim Culler

Computer Programmer

Instructor Tim Culler tells us about his class starting on January 17, 2019. For more information contact 


What are the 3 main learning outcomes for students?

  1. Understanding clearly, how data is organized in relational databases.
  2. Understanding how to construct SQL queries to retrieve data from relational databases.
  3. Being able to apply your knowledge and retrieve, summarize and present data in a form that supports strategic decision making in organizations.


Who should take this class?

New, or prospective Database Developers, Database Administrators, Data Analysts, full-stack Web Developers (web pages that push/pull data from databases), Programmers (C#, VB, Javascript, etc).


Why do you want to teach this?

After a career utilizing Databases and programming to make organizations, small and large, more efficient, I have a clear picture of how Relational Databases Management Systems and Programming can solve problems and add functionality to any type of organization.  The earlier in their career that our students can gain a clear picture of this, and learn how to understand and apply SQL in querying and analyzing data, the better!


How did you get started with this topic?

I got started using databases through an unusual angle, I was in Narcotics Enforcement! I used databases to identify Narcotics offenders, up to and including international heroin smugglers!



How do you apply these skills in your job?

I used my skills first in State and Federal Law Enforcement, in Hawaii, then Washington, then in consulting with small and large businesses and organizations in the Puget Sound area.  Then I moved to teaching at the college level.


If you could tell students one thing about this class what would it be?

Our jobs in high-tech are not “easy,” but I can help you understand how things are organized and how to approach problem solving using programming.  Then it will make more sense to you, which will not only keep you from being intimidated, but empower you to be able to solve tomorrow’s problems, using your high-tech tools!


What have you learned from teaching?

No question about it, teaching made me a better programmer/developer, because it forced me to seek understanding of why and how things are done, at a deeper level! I also like solving problems and helping people, and teaching fits right in to that, and gives me tremendous internal satisfaction!

Last Updated November 8, 2018