Starting in Winter: New Technical Certification programs to cover AI, Data Science, and Unity

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Later this year, Bellevue College Continuing Education (BCCE) is offering new technical certification programs. We call these programs career immersives—and for good reason. Each one is designed to ground you in an understanding of the theory and principles of the particular area of study through self-led reading of the course material, and hours of classroom exercises and collaboration with other students.

At the end of each program, you’ll be ready to take a certification exam. And once certified, you’ll have the skills & qualifications needed to launch or jump-start a career in some of the hottest areas of the tech industry.


Microsoft Professional Program

Through BCCE’s continued partnership with Microsoft, we developed three new hybrid programs in the areas of Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The programs are each eight weeks long and use curriculum developed by Microsoft and Open edX, an online learning initiative created by Harvard and MIT. Wrapping up the programs is a simulated, real-world scenario in which you’ll have to apply what you’ve learned in class. The final capstone project will be sent to Microsoft, which will assess each student’s work, and those who earn certification will be granted a Microsoft-vetted badge from Acclaim, which they can post on their LinkedIn profile and Facebook page.


Unity Associate

Within the gaming industry, Unity is one of the most widely adopted development platforms.  Roughly 80 percent of the talent recruiters and gaming studios that BCCE works with seek out developers with Unity development skills. To help improve the skill-level of people who use its platform, Unity developed a training curriculum that culminates with an exam to become a Certified Unity Associate.

Now we’re offering a 60-hour program that will be held in our brand new gaming studio. Students will build out their portfolio, while learning the basic principles of coding, and storytelling techniques to build an engaging gaming experience.

In addition to the Unity Associate exam, Bellevue College also have plans to offer programs for the Unity 3-D Artist and Unity Programmer certificates.


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Last Updated January 4, 2019