Calming Down: A Daily Self-Management Course with Roberta Macdonald

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We encounter stressors every day. Instead of letting them take over our emotions, it’s important to know how to relieve yourself from these stressors. Instructor Roberta Macdonald teaches Calming Down: A Daily Self-Management Course, which begins Tuesday, February 5. Learn more about the course and register today.


What are the 3 main learning outcomes for students? 

  1. To be aware that every day we have a chance to use the tools provided in the class: a better and different way of living.
  2. A true sense that the class was a welcoming and nonjudgmental group sharing a common thread: to learn how to let go of the negatives and embrace a more positive and practical approach to life.
  3. A better appreciation of self and others and, also, allowing myself to laugh, and sometimes cry: Enjoying the learning experience!


Who should take this class? 

This class is for everyone who is ready to be open and willing to learn.  This class could be taught, with changes, to fifth graders and teenagers.  It is designed to provide practical and positive tools that are simple in concept but challenging when faced with the chaos and challenges of life: the title fits: “Calming Down: A Daily Self-Management Course”.


Why do you want to teach this? 

When I created this class several decades ago, I was not aware that it would continue as long as it has but, I think, my love and persistence and total belief in the core values of what this class teaches, is the “Why” it continues every quarter.  I am grateful and I feel that Calming Down is my best “offering”.


How did you get started with this topic?

This topic encompasses much more than becoming calmer or managing life better.  When I first designed the class, it focused on anger/stress management. It now focuses on all aspects of life. Calming Down is in four three hour sessions: Becoming, Changing, Intending andCommitting.


How do you apply these skills in your job (if applicable)?

The skills and tools that are taught and experienced in this course can and should be used at home, work, in your social life and when alone.  The key, after understanding the tools and skills, is self-awareness. Without self-awareness and a true understanding of the core values of these tools, life will continue to be as before taking the class.  These skills are not complicated but need to be practiced to be understood and appreciated.


If you could tell students one thing about this class what would it be? 

This class needs to be experienced.  It is a challenge to explain or define this class as the dynamics change with each quarter and new students combined with returning students who want to continue the learning process.  I always try to provide a safe, comfortable environment in a “cozy” setting. It is the experiencethat will be remembered, along with the tools that are learned.


What have you learned from teaching? 

I have been a teacher for many decades and will always be a teacher but I enjoy the challenge of being a facilitatorin the Calming Downcourse as I not only teach but I encourage everyone in the class to be a part of the teaching/learning process.  I am an “encourager” and enjoy seeing the growth year after year.


Anything else you want to tell us? 

Once you have taken the Calming Downcourse, take it again to strengthen what you learned and then encourage others to take it so they can benefit also.

Last Updated January 17, 2019