New Microsoft Professional Program Class: Big Data

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With data being captured and analyzed at ever increasing rates, demand for the professionals who can build big data solutions is high. Start with the fundamentals, master the most frequently used tools, and finally prove you have the skills to do the job in these courses from Microsoft, which feature industry and academic experts in big data.

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Start Date: 3/26/2019

End Date: 6/1/2019

Duration: 10 weeks

Fee: $2395 (includes Azure access)


A basic familiarity with computers and productivity software, such as Microsoft Excel. A basic knowledge of programming concepts, such as variables, loops, and conditional logic. Some experience working with relational databases.

Why take the MPP at Bellevue College CE?

  • BCCE is partnering with Microsoft to offer this as a course that includes face-to-face instructor time.
  • Small classes to provide individual help.
  • Instructors with professional experience.
  • Hybrid model providing both class instruction and online coursework.
  • Work in teams.
  • You will have access to employment information and special sessions by Microsoft.
  • Final project will be reviewed by Microsoft.

This is a hybrid program that combines online content and exercises along with classroom assistance. The program is a Bring Your Own Device course, so you will need a Windows laptop running Windows 10 and Microsoft Office or an Apple laptop.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn how to build big data solutions for batch and real-time stream processing using Azure managed services and open source systems like Hadoop and Spark. This curriculum will teach you the skills required to capture, process, and analyse data for today’s data-driven world. get real-world experiences to help them excel in the industry’s newest job roles such as Business Intelligence Architect, Database Specialist, Data Engineer and others. The roles requiring Big Data knowledge and skills is growing in Washington State. According to Burning Glass, Washington boasts a 27% job growth rate in Big Data related careers.
This track consists of the following courses:

  • Analyze and Visualize Data
  • Work with NoSQL Data
  • Query Relational Data
  • Implement a Data Warehouse
  • Process Big Data at Rest
  • Process Big Data in Motion
  • Orchestrate Big Data Workflows
  • Build Big Data Analysis Solutions

About the Instructor:

Carl Prothman is a Senior Software Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the software industry. He is a Certified Computer Professional (CCP) and Certified Data Processor (CDP) from ICCP. Carl was the president of the .NET Developers Association Users Group in Redmond for five years. He was an INETA Speaker and a Microsoft MVP in VB and ASP.NET for 10 years. Carl has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics (BSAA) degree from the University of Washington. He has worked for companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, VOLT, Space Labs, and Rockwell International. Carl has been teaching at Bellevue College since 2002.


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Last Updated March 20, 2019