Earn your Human Resources Management Certificate

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The need for Human Resources professionals is evergreen. No matter the size of the company, HR sets up employees for success so they can achieve their goals. Be this person and register for our Human Resources Management Certificate program, where you’ll take classes in areas like:



Featured course: Understanding Budgets

Find out where budget figures come from and what they mean. Gain skill in analyzing financial statements and using ratios to analyze cost information and the performance of profit centers. Understanding the budget process will improve your decision-making intelligence, enhance product strategy analysis, and help you to present budgets to senior management intelligently.



Featured course: Benefit Basics

Gain an overview and essential building blocks to understanding benefits packages, including knowledge of mandatory benefits and the difference between voluntary and regulated benefit plans.



Featured courses: Compensation Basics and Advanced Compensation

How do you pay your people appropriately, motivate and retain them while not “giving away the store” or causing potential legal issues? How do you set up a base compensation plan for your company? Explore methods to properly pay your employees in a cost-effective, competitive, equitable, and legal manner.


Employment Law

Featured Courses: Introduction to Employment Law and Advanced Employment Law

Learn about federal employment laws, the rights they confer on employees and the corresponding responsibility on employers, as well as the processes involved in enforcing these rights and respective responsibilities.


Learn about all the courses in the program at our upcoming Information Session Tuesday, March 26.

Last Updated February 28, 2019