Top Job Skills for 2019


There is no doubt that the Puget Sound region is one of the top areas for tech. Jobs in tech come in all forms. Below is a list of some of the top job skills needed by area firms.


Big Data

On the day I searched there were 4,172 jobs that required Big Data skills in the Seattle area. These jobs ranged from Marketing to Developers. Our Microsoft Professional Program in Big Data will get you certified in the skills you need to get into this field.

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In our Python stack you will gain serious skills to compete in the job market. Companies all over our area are seeking Python Developers. Companies in diverse as cancer research and aerospace are looking for people with Python skills. To meet this demand we developed our Programming with Python stack. 3 levels of programming are taught in one course.

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Cloud Computing

According to Linked-In this is the #1 skill asked for in 2019. It makes sense when you consider how much we shop, learn, read and work in the cloud.

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UX Design

User Experience Design is the foundational tool for communication. As a UX Designer you know how to organize and design how information is presented for the optimum usability.

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Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI has expanded in the last 2 years. Just look at your home and how many instances you have of it today. The need for people who understand it is growing. The number of companies who use it is expanding. We are offering an AI certification in the Microsoft Professional Program. You will complete it in 10 and complete a final capstone project.
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People Management

As companies grow the need for leadership also grows. Be ready when you see an opportunity to move up the ladder and take over a leadership role.

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Project Management

Who is going to keep a project on track on manage the roles within it? It’s the Project Manager. This person leads project and provides a central role within any company.

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Everybody wants to keep their company data secure. Our Cybersecurity class is part of the Microsoft Professional Program. In 10 weeks you will have a certification from Microsoft on the leading practices in Cybersecurity.

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Last Updated March 8, 2019