Painting and Abstraction (Acrylics): Virginia Paquette


Explore a new world of art with Painting and Abstraction (Acrylics) with Virginia Paquette. This class begins Wednesday, April 10. Learn about the class below and register today.


  1. What are the 3 main learning outcomes for students?

    To learn what Abstract art is; To learn the basics of painting in the Abstract style with acrylic paints; To learn the basics of the design elements, which include color mixing and harmony, and composition.

  2. Who should take this class?

    All levels are welcome, no experience is needed. Those who are interested in the fun and easy process of Abstraction and the dynamic personal expression of the process should take this course

  3. Why do you want to teach this?

    I am a professional artist and I have painted in the Abstract style for many years, which I love. Teaching it is a joy for me.

  4. How did you get started with this topic?

    My mother was an artist and she taught me as a youngster. Then in Art school at the UW getting my Masters, I was introduced to Abstraction by several wonderful professors who painted in the style.

  5. How do you apply these skills in your job (if applicable)?

    Painting is my job.

  6. If you could tell students one thing about this class what would it be?

    There is a creative being in all of us. It needs to be nurtured to grow. This class celebrates the simple elements of color, shape line, texture, and contrast in a friendly atmosphere of kindred spirits, who like to experiment while learning the basics of this modern style of painting.

  7. What have you learned from teaching?

    I enjoy Abstract painting, and the class is like a community. I share my experience and information, and I am enriched by the exchange of information and work done by the students. It is an exchange of energy and ideas.

  8. Anything else you want to tell us?

    Abstract art can be an expression of the inner life. Art is a means of communication and Abstract art tells a story with the use of color, and shape and line and texture. Everyone is different.


Below are some examples of my art using acrylic paint. I also teach Abstract Oils with Cold Wax at BCCE.




Last Updated March 25, 2019