Certified Financial Planner Certification Program

Financial Planner

BCCE’s Certified Financial Planner™ Certification Program is a board-approved certification that allows students to gain their credentials quickly while working. This program is designed for working professionals who need to add the credential to advance in their career. This is the only program in the Puget Sound area that is CFP® board approved. Contact cebusinessprograms@bellevuecollege.edu for more information. 

Students who start in October 2019 will be able to sit for the CFP® Certification Exam in November 2020.


Why Get Certified?

Career opportunities in the financial planning field are expected to grow more than 30% in the next decade, according to CNN Money and Payscale’s report of top 100 careers. Baby boomers are approaching or reaching retirement age, and millions of Generation Xers are raising families and saving for their later years. Many will require professional guidance to successfully confront an increasingly uncertain economic future. As a CFP” professional, you can get personal satisfaction from helping them plan for their futures while simultaneously building your career.

Earning your CFP” certification requires a commitment to learning and a solid grounding in financial planning. Those who have become CFP• professionals will tell you that the work is worth the effort. In fact, according to a study of CFP” professionals, 85% of respondents are very satisfied with their career in financial planning and 91% would recommend CFP• certification to other financial professionals. The knowledge you gain from your CFP• certification will help you give better advice to your clients•••which leads to more satisfied clients. You can advance in this dynamic, growing industry while earning more income with CFP• certification.

Of the many sorts of financial counselors today, CFP” professionals are considered to be among the most knowledgeable and respected advisors in personal financial planning.CFP• professionals are often the first and best choice for those seeking advice.

About the CFP Program:

Courses are taught by financial service professionals who provide current information in a variety of financial planning areas. Individuals who successfully complete our program will fulfill the CFP Board 270 contact hour minimum education requirement and become eligible to sit for the CFP® Certification Exam.


Advantages of Certification:

When clients select a financial advisor, they place their trust insomeone they believe is well trained, experienced, capable and committed to serving their best interests.

CFP- certification shows clients that their prospective financial advisor has a foundation in all types of finances,can solve financial problems, can devise successful strategies to meet financial goals and will act as an advisor, counselor and coach.

With your CFP certification,you’ll have two distinct advantages:

  • You’ll have the knowledge and skills to ensure you have the confidence, competence and credibility to elevate your practice to the highest level and distinguish you from other financial planners.
  • Your CFP- certification assures clients and potential clients that you have achieved the respect, recognition and preferred status that come only to the top professionals in the field.


Course materials include:

  • General Principles of Financial Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • CFP Case Study/Capstone


What students have to say about the classes:

Great capstone course. Excellent videos and the final financial plan presentation really encapsulated the entire curriculum. – Walt

The program was well designed and prepared me to succeed on a course level, but also set me up to do well on all the exams. – David

I do not think I would have passed with out the Review Course. – Jeffery R. at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.


For more information contact cebusinessprograms@bellevuecollege.edu.

Last Updated September 19, 2019