Announcing the Software Coding Series by BCCE and Coding Dojo

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By Luke Lappala, Director of Public Relations for Coding Dojo

Our mission is to expand access to computer programming literacy and the life-changing economic opportunities that come with it. That’s why we’re excited to announce The Python Developer Accelerator, the first course in the Software Coding Series, a new line of accelerated educational courses developed in collaboration with Bellevue College’s Continuing Education division

This 12-week program is designed to jump-start participants’ careers as software developers and teach core competencies so they can meaningfully participate in the digital economy. The Python Developer Accelerator will teach the knowledge and hands-on skills required for web development, including front-end programming with CSS and HTML and front-end and back-end programming with the Python programming language. Students will also build multiple software projects to add to their e-portfolio to present for future employment opportunities.

The program will operate under a hybrid online/on-site model where students attend two online classes per week taught by Coding Dojo instructors, with one lab session per week that can be attended in-person at Bellevue College or online. Students can also schedule virtual one-on-one meetings with an instructor for extra guidance at any point during the program. Additionally, students will get access to tutoring and career support resources to help in the learning and subsequent career search. The curriculum consists of eight hours per week of direct instruction and lab work on nights and weekends, so participants won’t need to leave their current job to learn a new skill set!

Applications are now open for the cohort starting on November 4, 2019, so don’t delay!

Last Updated October 1, 2019