The Skill Everybody Wants

The foundation of jobs today is solid project management skills. If you have the skills that companies are looking for it opens up a vast array of jobs to you in fields as diverse as Tech and Non-Profits. At Bellevue College Continuing Education we recognize the need of area employers and have built classes around ...more about The Skill Everybody Wants

Become the Leader You Want


  Good leaders are not born. Leadership is a skill you can develop and refine as new challenges come along. We have many great leadership classes to help you become the leader you want to be. Build and Present a Winning Business Case Certified ScrumMaster with Angela Druckman Coaching Skills for Leaders Cultivating Collaboration: Building ...more about Become the Leader You Want

Game Changers

Woman in office setting.

Game Changers are actions that can take an existing situation and change it in a significant way. For us a "game changer" is a class that makes a big impact in a short amount of time and is providing skills that are needed immediately in the job market. Here are a few of our Game ...more about Game Changers

Q & A With Dave Rex, Director of Healthcare Solutions


Why did you choose to work at Bellevue College Continuing Education? Having served with Bellevue College for the past 4 years, I believe that the Continuing Education division has unique opportunities to expand the mission of the College. This is particularly true in, "providing high-quality, flexible, accessible educational programs” and addressing "the life-long educational development ...more about Q & A With Dave Rex, Director of Healthcare Solutions