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NOTE: We have added more spaces to some of these courses. We will also post new free courses here as they are added and send notifications through our eNewsletter.

Join us for free courses and hear from our experts in the field who are instructing learners in this virtual environment. Designed to be easily accessible and provide immediate impact to students looking to learn or exploring courses during these unique times, below are upcoming free, live, instructor-led sessions. Click on the course below for more information and to register. Advance registration is required.

July 14, 10:00am – 11:30am
Create!…on Your iPad
Description: In this fun, interactive, class, you’ll be introduced to the creative tools for your iPad’s large canvass.
Presented by Instructor, Paul Schmid: In 6 years at Apple Bellevue Square, Paul Schmid taught 1000s to get the most from their Apple devices while having fun. At Bellevue College, Paul teaches “Do More with Your iPhone!” and the very popular EnJoy Shakepeare classes, where students read the play, . . . Have More Fun with Your iPhone. And the very popular Enjoy Shakepeare, Your Multimedia Bookclub.

July 29, 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Enjoy Shakespeare – The World’s Greatest Drama Made Fun
Description: In this introductory session you’ll get a taste of the popular Enjoy Shakespeare Series. Have fun. Make new friends. See Shakespeare anew! We’ll watch clips from world-class cinematic productions of Shakespeare’s plays with great actors like Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Jeremey Irons and Ben Wishaw. We’ll read excerpts from the play (in modern English and the original.) And we’ll discuss the play’s universal themes and symbols. Be there!
Presented by Instructor, Paul Schmid: A long-time resident of Bellevue, Instructor Paul Schmid and his wife, Tina, have three daughters. They love Bellevue’s schools, parks and the KCLS library system. They greatly enjoy sharing in Bellevue College’s Community Education. They love the outdoors and traveling anywhere and everywhere in the world. Paul is a passionate teacher, and, in addition leads groups in reading and enjoying everything Shakespeare ever wrote, he teaches a class to help people do more and have more fun on their iPad, iPhone and Mac.



June 22, 6:15pm – 7:45pm FULL: REGISTRATION CLOSED
Gentle Yoga & Pilates for Flexibility and Strength
Description: Hatha Yoga (in the Iyengar style). The class will incorporate poses that will include stretching, balance and mobility. Pilates is incorporated for core strength. The course is designed for all body types and levels of flexibility and strength.
Presented by Instructor, Marna Hanneman: Marna has been teaching for Bellevue College for more than 15 years. She teaches Gentle Yoga and Pilates for Flexibility and Strength for the Personal Enrichment Program and Gentle Yoga (on a chair) for the TELOS Program.

June 23, 7:00pm – 8:30pm FULL: REGISTRATION CLOSED
Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method
Description: Reset your neck, back and mood into comfort. Spending too much time online or sitting? Feeling stiff or in pain? Come experience and learn about the Feldenkrais Method, an effective and efficient way to change your habits so you move easier, feel calmer and become more ready to cope with new challenges and opportunities.
Presented by Instructor, Irene Pasternack: Instructor Irene Pasternack is a Feldenkrais Method practitioner in Bellevue, and works with adults and children interested in learning how to keep themselves out of pain and improve skills in learning favorite activities. She has used the Feldenkrais Method in her own self-development, starting with recovering from a herniated disc in her 40s, to learning to ice-skate at age 60, and just completed her first season on a synchronized ice-skating team.

June 25, 4:00pm – 6:00pm FULL: REGISTRATION CLOSED
Documenting History with Your Own Photography: COVID-19 Close to Home
Description: Photography is the most important art for documenting history. Consider the photographs you have seen these days of the 1918 Pandemic. We have a unique opportunity and even responsibility to record the COVID-19 pandemic right in our our neighborhoods and communities right now.
Presented by Instructor, Ray Pfortner: Ray has worked in photography for over 3 decades – as an educator, photography and book editor, consultant and photographer. He has been a Fellow of the North American Nature Photography Association since 2003 and received the Margin of Excellence Award at Bellevue College in 2008. Ray’s own photographer is represented by Getty Images. He has a BS in Biology from Yale and a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke.

June 26, 10:00am – 11:30am FULL: REGISTRATION CLOSED
Painting & Drawing
Description: My duty is to guide every student through the technical difficulties in the process of representation. I use to support this needs, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with my WACOM tablet. I use zoom then I share the screen of photoshop and open two windows (the actual picture) and (the draw in process of the student). Then I work in real time with colors and lines.
Presented by Instructor, Sami Ariaz Bolanos: Sami grew up between Perú and Italy with fine arts academies in Carrara and Genova.

July 8, 1:00pm – 3:00pm FULL: REGISTRATION CLOSED
Self-Defense Essentials
Description: Every would-be attacker needs two things. Recognize them. Learn about ploys and manipulations, and how to thwart them. Practice decisive strikes to vital targets. Assess your risks, and plan around them. Understand the connections between awareness, threats, and our media environment. Come prepared to challenge yourself — emPOWERment doesn’t get more fun.
Presented by Instructor, Joanne Factor: Joanne has been teaching safety and self-defense for over 24 years. She’s worked with middle-age and older women concerned with going out and about, younger women looking to travel and date, health care workers concerned with giving their best while staying safe on home visits, girls off to college, girls navigating high school, middle school girls wanting to baby-sit and take the bus by themselves, female veterans dealing with chronic PTSD, abused women looking to make safer choices, LGBTQ folks wanting to keep our community safer, homeless women, and women in transitional and low-income housing.


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