Art and Design Class Supplies


Adult Classes

Abstract Oil Painting with Cold Wax – Virginia Paquette
Acrylics Beginning – Cecilia Cooney–Wickett
Acrylics Continuing – Fred Lisaius
Art Making Inspired by Modern Art – Hadley Beachem
Art RX, Art for What Ails You – Vedika Dietrich
Art and Soul – Vedika Dietrich
Artistic Anatomy – Trevor Taylor
Basic Drawing: Right-Brain Method – Lee Wallat
Cartoon Illustration – Ed Price
Children’s Book Illustration – Craig Orback
Chinese Sumi Painting & Calligraphy – Yuming Zhu
Creative Mixed Media – G. Gregory
Drawing Basics – Kelly Lyles
Drawing: Beginning – Kelly Lyles
Drawing: Beginning – Cecilia Cooney–Wickett
Figure Drawing – Cecilia Cooney–Wickett
Introduction to Encaustic – Julie Griffin
Landscape Painting in Acrylic – P. Howe
Landscape Painting in Oils – P. Howe
Learning to See: Charcoal Drawing Techniques of the Old Masters
Mixed Media Relief and Sculpture – Brenda Chrystie
Oil Painting – Cecilia Cooney–Wickett
Paint a Finished Painting in One Week – Philip Howe
Painting and Abstraction – Virginia Paquette
Painting Animals in Oils – Lalitha Bandaru
Portraiture – Cecilia Cooney–Wickett
Realistic Still Life Painting in Acrylics and Oils – Howe
Watercolor Beginning – Fred Lisaius
Watercolor Continuing – Fred Lisaius
Watercolor Intermediate – Fred Lisaius
Wheel Throwing/Hand Building: Beginning-All Instructors

Teen Classes

Acrylics for Teens – Fred Liasius
Creative Art for Teens – Sarani
Drawing For Teens – Cecilia Cooney-Wickett
Hand-Drawn Illustration and Painting Techniques –P. Howe
Intro to Graphic Design, Teen – S. Glass
Multi-Medium for Teens – Fred Liasius
Watercolor for Teen – Fred Lisaius


If you bring in your supply list to Daniel Smith they will give you 10% off of your supplies. We have a store close to the north campus at 15122 NE 24th Street.