Love to sketch, or just wish you could? Introduce yourself to the basic elements of sketching and drawing such as line, space, and perspective in our hands-on drawing classes. Discover the secrets of shading solid forms. Explore media such as charcoal and graphite. Master the principles of light and composition and hone your observation skills to create realistic drawings. Use color theory and a variety of color media to draw striking subjects like exotic botanicals. Learn the language of drawing and how to convey ideas with illustrations. Find out how to profit from your talent as a note card artist or children’s book illustrator.

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Current Drawing Classes

  • Intro to Drawing

    Draw with confidence! Learn to see differently and gain skills quickly while developing your line, form, and perspective techniques. Exercises include contour drawing, value studies and still life. We will be using pencil, pastels, and charcoal. All levels welcome! More about Intro to Drawing

  • Sketching

    In this class you will learn different pencil and charcoal techniques for sketching portraits, landscapes or still life. Class is a combination of lecture, demonstration and one-on-one feedback.  Please click here for your supply list.  More about Sketching

  • Drawing Basics

    Looking for a fun, informative and stress-free introduction to drawing? In this course, you'll learn basic sketching and drawing techniques and discover the secrets of shading solid forms while learning to draw common still lifes. Class is a combination of... More about Drawing Basics