What is HIV/AIDS education?

The 1988 Washington State Omnibus Law requires that certain people have HIV/AIDS education. If you are obtaining health care credential you must have this training. Also, if you are an employee of state licensed or certified health care facility, you need to have HIV/AIDS training. The Washington State Department of Health developed a model curriculum for HIV/AIDS education. This document is the Know HIV Prevention Education for Health Care Facility Employees.

Educators who teach HIV/AIDS classes can use this as their curriculum. It presents the specific topics required by law. It is not a self-study manual. Educators should present the material in a traditional classroom style. An expert instructor should be available to answer to technical questions. KNOW HIV Prevention Education (PDF), is available to the public to copy or reprint in any amount. If you use this document you must include the title pages that acknowledge Washington State Department of Health and individuals who created the curriculum.

Who must obtain AIDS education?

All practitioners must demonstrate completion of four or seven clock hours of AIDS education prior to initially obtaining a health care credential. Refer to the specific profession rules to determine the number of hours of AIDS education and training that are required.

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