Whether you want to speak Japanese for business or personal reasons, our classes are a great way to learn. And our classes cover the full range of proficiency levels from beginning to advanced.

Beginning classes focus on speaking Japanese, with an introduction to reading and writing Japanese.

Beginning lessons cover how to:

  • Engage in simple conversations
  • Interact in social, business, and travel situations
  • Ask and respond to simple questions
  • Write simple sentences on everyday topics
  • Read a variety of basic written materials.

Intermediate and advanced Japanese classes build on your existing skills to help you read, write, and speak Japanese with greater fluency.

Intermediate and advanced lessons teach you how to:

  • Engage in higher-level conversations
  • Strengthen your Japanese vocabulary
  • Expand your skills in writing Japanese
  • Increase your ability to read Japanese
  • Expand your knowledge of Japanese social and business etiquette.

Classes meet once a week in the evening for 8-10 weeks. All instructors are native Japanese speakers.

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Current Japanese Classes

  • Basic Conversational Japanese

    Are you planning to visit Japan for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics? Do you want to learn basic conversational Japanese? Immerse yourself in Japanese and boost your pronunciation, listening comprehension, grammar and speaking skills! Communicate using educated Japanese grammar, practical real-life... More about Basic Conversational Japanese

  • Japanese in Review: Level 1 - 4

    This class offers a dynamic review and utilization of key vocabulary, expressions, and grammatical concepts introduced in Japanese 1 - 4 using the textbook Japanese for Busy People I. Emphasis is on practice, speaking and listening, build fluency, confidence and... More about Japanese in Review: Level 1 - 4

  • Japanese 4

    For students who have taken three quarters of Japanese or the equivalent. this course is for students who are familiar with the basics covered in 1-3 and wish to expand vocabulary and fluency. Required: Japanese for Busy People I, Revised... More about Japanese 4

  • Japanese 12

    For students who have taken eleven quarters of Japanese or the equivalent. This course will help expand vocabulary, improve conversational fluency, and increase knowledge of Kanji. Required text and workbook: Japanese for Busy People 3, Kana version. More about Japanese 12