Whether you want to learn to speak Korean for business or travel, our beginning and intermediate classes are a great way to learn.
Our classes emphasize speaking Korean in culturally appropriate contexts. Classes teach conversational skills as well as Hangul, the Korean alphabet.

Lessons cover how to:

  • Engage in simple conversations
  • Ask and respond to simple questions
  • Write simple sentences on everyday topics
  • Read a variety of basic written materials
  • Interact in social, business, and travel situations in a culturally appropriate manner.

Classes meet once a week in the evening for 9 weeks. Our instructor is a native Korean speaker with extensive teaching experience

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Current Korean Classes

  • Korean 1

    This course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of Korean. Topics covered will include basic Korean structure, conversation, and aspects of the Korean culture. This course is an excellent choice for travelers, business people, or anyone who... More about Korean 1

  • Korean 3

    This course is for students who have had two quarters of Korean or the equivalent. Textbook: Sogang Korean 1A, ISBN: 978-8-97699-572-8. Check online for best prices, not available at BC bookstore More about Korean 3