Launch a home business? Turn your art into profit? Looking to turn hour hobby into an income earning opportunity? Our Entrepreneurship courses can help you achieve financial stability by gaining the skills and know-how to launch a new career or earn a second income.


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Current Entrepreneurship Classes

  • Bellevue - My Town

    Bellevue – My Town, provides an entry point that highlights the inner workings of city government. Topics include demographics, public process, city planning, economic development, human services, utilities, fiancé and transportation, public safety, and more. More about Bellevue - My Town

  • Professional Bartending

    Become a professional bartender! Learn how to mix, measure and master 400+ popular cocktails - Mai Tais, Mojitos, Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Martinis, Manhattans and more! Fun, hands-on class includes: professional pouring & shaking, layering, bartending terms, increasing tips, bar promotions, job... More about Professional Bartending

  • Captivating Conversations

    Ever wonder why some conversations just happen, when others fall short? Join us as we explore the anatomy of social conversations—the predictable pattern of skills and content that make our conversations flow. From what to say, how to say it,... More about Captivating Conversations

  • Say it Right!

    Knowing what to say is only half the battle. If you don’t know how to speak in ways that capture the attention of your audience, your message will be lost. In this course we will explore the subtleties of how... More about Say it Right!

  • Voice-Overs: NOW is YOUR Time!

    YOU'VE HEARD LISA FOSTER ON TV AND RADIO COMMERCIALS! Now hear Lisa LIVE as she illustrates how YOU could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, and videos! Most people go about it the wrong way. Lisa will... More about Voice-Overs: NOW is YOUR Time!

  • Work at Home Jobs for Real People

    Need extra ways to supplement your income but can’t figure out what is legitimate? This class is for you! Learn how to identify scams, promote your talents, and find legitimate work-at-home jobs. Whether you need to get out of debt,... More about Work at Home Jobs for Real People