C# Programming Certificate Program

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The C# Programming Certificate Program was designed by professionals who currently work in the field to provide targeted training in the skills that are most in demand by employers today. These expert instructors lead students through four levels of C# development classes, and teach design and development theory as well. Because the program emphasizes learning by doing, about 30% of class time is typically devoted to exercises.

Who should take the certificate?

This certificate program is designed for technically oriented professionals who want to become software engineers, or developers who want to enhance their programming skills.

Why invest in the C# Programming Certificate?

C# programming is one of the top 3 most highly requested programming environments. “Computer Programmers earn a median salary of $119,540 per year in WA State. Salaries typically start from $67,180 and go up to $171,030.” – Sokanu


The certificate currently requires 185 hours of instruction and typically takes about 12 months to complete.



Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop skills in designing and writing C# computer programs.
  • Basic concepts of the .NET Framework.
  • Data structures, storage techniques, exception handling, strings, regular expressions and collections.
  • Data Access using C# and software components such as ADO and to access data and data services.

Student Quote:

“I really enjoyed the program. The instructor did a great job at answering my questions and applying the material to real world situations. If future training is needed I will definitely contact Bellevue.”-L.H.


Courses in the program may be taken as standalone units or as part of the full certificate program.

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