Cloud Computing

The future of IT is in the cloud! As companies of all sizes shift their on-premises infrastructure and apps to the cloud, now is the time to learn critical skills that will help you take advantage of the power and cost savings cloud computing can provide. IT professionals seeking careers in cloud architecture and cloud support, as well as IT professionals with responsibility to migrate their company’s IT to the cloud will want to invest in these critical skills. Our Cloud Computing Certificate Program is offered in partnership with Cloud Genius.

Who should take the certificate?

Computing professionals who want to move into the world of cloud computing will benefit from these programs.

Why invest in the Cloud Computing Certificate?

With the growth of Google, Azure and Amazon Web Services programs, the opportunities for cloud professionals has grown over 110% in the past five years. Annual salaries for cloud professionals range from $95,000 to $150,000. – U.S. Dept. of Labor


The program requires 72 hours of instruction and 24 sessions to complete each module.

Student Quote:

“This program opened my eyes to all the things that I have been missing in my own industry investigation and how expansive Open Source based Cloud services have been deployed across the Internet. The Cloud Genius classes were what I needed to complete my understanding on where the industry is going with Open Source based Cloud services..” – M.B – Senior Systems Architect

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