Registration Information and Documents

All CEO students must work with your CEO Specialist directly to be cleared for registration and must follow CEO Program registration guidelines. The CEO Program places registration blocks on students’ accounts to ensure they connect with their CEO Specialist.

The CEO Program registration guidelines are:

  • Work to complete all required CEO classes in the following order:
    • 1st quarter: CEO 100, CEO 101, and CEO 105
    • 2nd quarter: CEO 102
    • 3rd quarter: CEO 103 and CEO 104 (taken together)
  • Meet with your CEO Specialist to review and get approval for your quarterly academic schedule
  • Retake any course you failed and work with your CEO Specialist on an educational plan
  • Continue with English classes until you have successfully completed English 101
  • No more than 15 credits per quarter. Exceptions may be given for lab classes

All CEO students must follow these guidelines regardless if you are taking CEO courses.

Please see the following PDF document to brainstorm classes for your next term.

Students in classroom and posing as a group

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Last Updated December 21, 2023