Summer Intensive Organic Chem Series

Students –

The summer series is tough! As you’d think, doing a full year of organic chemistry in 9 weeks is no laughing matter. It requires a lot of motivation, determination, and will power (and brain power) to get through.

Format: As you’d guess, we cover about a chapter a day (almost 3 hours of lecture). Class starts with a half-hour exam on the previous day’s material. Then we launch straight into the chapter. Before or after class, you’ll have a three hour lab period. This makes things interesting, as you not only have an exam to study for each day but also a lab to prepare for the next day, and a lab report from the previous/current day. There will be a short break for lunch but I recommend you bring your lunch to class – you won’t have much time to cruise off campus.

Still sure you want to take the course?! : )

How to prepare
Recommended videos for organic chemistry

Please read the following:

Sample Syllabi (2014):  CHEM& 261     CHEM& 262    CHEM& 263  (These are only samples – not to be exactly the same year to year)

Required/Optional Books and Materials: (always check with the bookstore!)

Advice for Summer Intensive Organic Students:

Review topics from Gen Chem: Molecular bonding/Lewis structures, Electronegativity and Polarity, Intermolecular forces (London dispersion, dipole-dipole, hydrogen bonding), Thermochemistry (bond enthalpy and endo/exothermic energy diagrams), Quantum mechanics (hybridization -sp,sp2,sp3- and molecular orbitals), acids and bases (pKa, pH, Lewis acids and bases, molecular acids), kinetics/thermodynamics (rate determining step, activation energy).

A listing of emails sent out to students (Summer 2013)

What can I do now to prepare?

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