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ALL 111 Accent Modification • 4 Cr.


  • Applied Linguistics & Language



Focuses on the most distinctive sound patterns of English: stress, intonation, and rhythm. Students work on changing oral muscle habits of difficult individual English sounds and how to reduce their accent and develop confidence in speaking in academic environments with native-English speakers.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness of first-language influence through self-assessment of:
    • Discrete factors of pronunciation and interaction
    • Cultural cues, non-verbal language
  • Demonstrate knowledge of word stress domains by:
    • Selecting from among appropriate language functions and
    • Applying them correctly in a synthetic language environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of discourse domains by:
    • Selecting from among appropriate rhetorical functions and
    • Applying them correctly in a synthetic environment
  • Demonstrate comprehension of spoken and written argument by:
    • Paraphrasing with words, short phrases, sentences, rhetorical questions, or longer passages.
    • Repetition of key words and concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge of principles of conversational analysis by:
    • Applying principles for better control of pace, tone, emotion, and as
    • compensation strategies
  • Demonstrate awareness of self in relation to audience by:
    • Using appropriate compensation strategies when threshold of intelligibility
    • fails to accomplish communicative goal
    • Coherently express simple to complex through using appropriate
    • suprasegmental and discourse level speech features.

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