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BSUST 280 Sustainable Business Accounting • 5 Cr.


Analyze business processes in each functional area and as a whole to assess sustainability performance using triple bottom line accounting methods, and to develop recommendations for increased efficiencies and decreased environmental footprint. Topics include: history of triple bottom line accounting, internal costs, human elements, supply chain management, operations, budgeting, funding, reporting and managing sustainable business projects. Prerequisite: ACCT 101. Recommended: BSUST 160.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the history, role and function of Triple Bottom Line accounting in an organization
  • Measure the internal costs of sustainable business
  • Apply cost benefit analysis and total cost management to sustainable business practices
  • Assess the human element in sustainable business practices
  • Evaluate the supply chain from a sustainable perspective
  • Budget for the sustainable operation
  • Fund and analyze sustainability projects and initiatives
  • Report sustainability progress and achievement to internal stakeholders
  • Manage compliance metrics and reporting to outside stakeholders
  • Assess projects and proposals of selected businesses from a TBL perspective
  • Develop supporting business cases and metrics

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