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BTS 171 Operating Systems for Advanced Users • 5 Cr.


Covers a current, popular operating system. Topics include customizing, implementing shortcut strategies, using OLE technologies, backing up a hard disk, safe guarding a PC, evaluating system performance, and installing software. Recommended: BTS 161 or equivalent experience.


Recommended: BTS 161 or equivalent experience.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Use Help features of an operating system to find and review the basic functions
  • Customize an operating system by setting shortcuts, resolution and color depth, power management features, and mouse properties
  • Explore files systems to organize, store, and open files and applications
  • Create and customize shortcuts to create efficient user/PC interaction
  • Use the features and capabilities of Object Linking and Embedding to create, modify, and trace linked objects
  • Safeguard user data by organizing data for the appropriate backup type and media
  • Optimize disks operating using disk management and utility tools
  • Safeguard a PC with BIOS and restore utilities
  • Troubleshoot a PC through a troubleshoot strategy and with diagnostic tools
  • Monitor system performance by understanding and optimizing RAM, virtual memory, and the paging file
  • Set the correct printer properties and printing preferences to maximize printer efficiency
  • Keep a computer up-to-date through upgrading of its operating systems and software applications
  • Perform a clean installation, setup a dual-boot or multiple boot configuration, and download and install operating system updates
  • Submit written work in accordance with BCC writing benchmarks

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