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BTS 250 Administrative Office Management • 5 Cr.


Explores essential skills necessary for an office administration professional. Topics include workplace trends, ethics, conflict resolution, written communications, records management, presentations, teamwork, customer service, leadership, event planning, job searching, and stress, anger, and time management. Projects integrate topics and apply them to a work-based team project and professional development plan. Recommended: BTS 161 or equivalent experience.


Recommended: BTS 161.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Research current industry standards in written communications, values, ethics, cultural competence, customer service, and soft skills.
  • Solve workplace problems involving ethical dilemmas , communication conflicts, cultural issues, management scenarios, customer service complaints, and job interviews.
  • Manage office technology and apply solutions to problems regarding records management, written and electronic communications, telephone guidelines, mail regulations, travel itineraries, and meeting agendas.
  • Research career opportunities in the field of Office Management and compose professional cover letters and resumes.
  • Reinforce current business writing standards in grammar and punctuation, clarity and conciseness, capitalization, spelling, pronoun usage, and subject/verb agreement.
  • Write a professional development plan assessing progress and setting goals in the following areas: values, career exploration, ethics, communication, stress and time management, and leadership.
  • Collaborate in a team project that integrates written communications, research, time management, project management, computer software, travel arrangements, venue selection, brochure creation, and a final presentation.

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