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BUS 104 Personal Credit • 1 Cr.


Part of a series of courses that present core components of personal finance applicable to individuals and financial service workers. Focus is on the evaluation of the credit industry and its consumer products and services. Students evaluate alternate credit and loan features and explore strategies for debt management.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate “buy” messages analytically and critically (1,7)
  • Differentiate between rational (cognitive) and emotional (affective) buying motives (1)
  • Differentiate between ethical and unethical marketing practices. (1,3)
  • Compare cash price to installment price in order to make a purchasing decision (1,3)
  • Determine periodic payment, interest and total amount required to pay to amortize a loan (3)
  • Calculate finance charges on credit card balances and cash advances (3)
  • Identify consumer assistance services provided by the public and private organizations (e.g. government, the Better Business Bureau and manufacturers) (1)
  • Research consumer advocacy groups that address consumer right and responsibilities and describe how an individual can participate (1)
  • Analyze various sources and types of credit and related costs (3)
  • Select an appropriate form of credit for a particular buying decision (3)
  • Compare and contrast the various aspects of credit cards (e.g. APR, grace period, incentive buying, methods of calculating interest and fees) (3)
  • Explain credit ratings and credit reports and describe their importance to consumers (4)
  • Describe the relationship between credit rating and cost of credit (4)
  • Recognize the signals of a credit problem (4)
  • Compare and contrast the legal aspects of different forms of credit (e.g. title transfer, responsibility limits, collateral requirements and co-signing) (2)
  • Describe legal and illegal types of credit that carry high interest rates (e.g. payday loans, rent-to-buy agreements and loan sharking) (2)
  • Identify the components listed on a credit report and explain how the information is used. (4)



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