BUSIT 202 Dimensional Modeling • 5 Cr.


Dimensional modeling has been broadly accepted as the principle technique for data warehouse design. Students use a sequenced series of case studies and hands-on exercises to learn effective design principles for data warehouse development. Prerequisite: BUSIT 105 with a C- or better.


Prerequisite: BUSIT 105 with a C- or better; class uses SQL Server 2008 and Analysis Services.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the goals of a data warehouse
  • Describe the components of a data warehouse
  • Explain the importance of dimensional modeling for a data warehouse
  • Design Fact and Dimension tables
  • Using a series of Case Studies, identify the probable set of dimensional modeling problems that occur in organizations
  • Develop design principles based on the problems identified in the case studies
  • Apply design principles to new situations