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DBA 130 Database Theory • 5 Cr.


Develops in-depth understanding of database concepts and terminology, emphasizing the relational databases model. Understanding the role of Structured Query Language (SQL), data modeling and normalization of database tables. Prerequisite: BUSIT 103 with a C or better. Placement by assessment into ENGL& 101, or completion of ENGL 092 or 093 with a C or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define common database terminology such as entities, attributes and relationships.
  • Write SQL statements to manipulate data (Data Manipulation Language subset of SQL)
  • Use normalization to design Database tables
  • Evaluate the normalization level of an existing table
  • Create and use Entity-Relationship (E-R) modeling concepts
  • Make good design decisions with respect to entity organization, data types, and database-specific issues
  • Research hiring requirements for careers in Database Programming and related fields, identifying personal skills, gaps in the student's background, and pathways to obtain missing skills.



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