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DOSM 443 Quality Assurance for Medical Dosimetry • 3 Cr.


Examines the components of a quality assurance program within Medical Dosimetry. Topics include quality assurance of a treatment planning system, patient records and data, role and process of plan verification, and quality assurance recommendations from outside agencies. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate ability to assess and knowledge of components to a successful QA program.
  • Be able to evaluate the QA for a linear accelerator and thresholds for variance.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of typical QA practices for Multileaf Collimators.
  • Be able to identify and evaluate key TG-53 recommendations.
  • Apply knowledge of how to report and document a radiation incident, malfunction or machine error.
  • Assess the role of DICOM in image transfer to Treatment Planning Systems.
  • Be able to evaluate the role of phantom image sets for QA of IMRT and 3D treatment plans.
  • Demonstrate ability to use registration and fusion tools for assessing image integrity across a network.
  • Assess the role of outside agencies to assist in developing and ensuring adherence to quality practice standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of dosimetric accuracy and relative uncertainties of tools used for verification of dose planned for treatment.



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