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DUTEC 135 Ultrasound Equipment I • 3 Cr.

Class title change starting Summer 2016

General Ultrasound Lab 3 Cr.


Introduces knob ology and annotation for state-of-art diagnostic ultrasound equipment and prepares student for hands-on live scanning. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program or permission of program chair.


Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program or permission of program chair. Fee: $129.50 combination equipment.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify and describe the different hardware parts of an ultrasound system.
  • Identify and describe the different sofware applications in an ultrasound system.
  • Demonstrate exam appropriate labeling technique.
  • Demonstrate measurements of anatomical structures by use of electronic calipers.
  • Demonstrate use of Doppler, M-Mode, Color Doppler and Power Angio Doppler while performing live imaging.



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