ECED 192 Early Childhood Education Practicum II • 5 Cr.


Develop and implement a research project applied to an early childhood setting, and create a professional teaching portfolio. Related topics include: activity planning, developing teaching resources, and making positive connections with young children. Includes nine hours per week of supervised laboratory participation. Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor. Recommended: Conversational English and EDUC& 130, ECED& 160, ECED& 170, ECED 191.


Prerequisite: Conversational English skills and permission of instructor. Fee: $23.50 liability insurance paid once per year. Nine clinical hours per week.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the planning, implementation, and evaluation of developmentally appropriate practices through working in a classroom for young children, under supervision of a mentor teacher.
  • Demonstrate ability to facilitate children’s learning during individual, small and large group play-based activities, with sensitivity to individual and group needs.
  • Demonstrate techniques for communicating effectively with young children, using positive guidance techniques, and sensitivity to individual differences.
  • Document children’s experiences and learning in a format that can be shared with children, colleagues, and families.
  • esign and implement a research project with practical application to and early childhood education setting.
  • Develop a professional portfolio documenting understanding of the NAEYC Core Standards for Teachers of Young Children.
  • Demonstrate understanding and respect for professional and ethical guidelines for early childhood educators.