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ELIUP 068 Pronunciation & Accent Reduction • 4.5 Cr.


Students learn and practice specific difficult sounds, proper mouth position, stress, intonation, and rhythm, and how to assess and improve their own pronunciation. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the ELI program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Understand and better produce American English phonemes
  • Vowels, long and short, schwa
  • Diphthongs,
  • Consonants
  • Consonant clusters
  • Recognize, distinguish and produce minimal pairs (s/sh/ t/th, b/p, r/l)
  • Know the position of the tongue, mouth, and lips for each of the sounds above
  • Recognize and better produce correct intonation and stress in sentence level conversation.
  • Recognize the pronunciation difficulties that he/she and other speakers of his/her native language have in pronouncing English AND do exercises to overcome these difficulties and reduce the difference between his/her pronunciation and that of native speakers.
  • Recognize basic differences in American dialects (New England, southern, Standard).
  • Self assess his/her English language utterances for volume, intonation, stress, and pronunciation and take steps to improve these.

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