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ENGR& 215 Dynamics • 4 Cr.


Surveys the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies using vector analysis. Specific topics include kinematics, kinetics, momentum, and energy principles for particles and rigid bodies, as well as Euler's Equations of Motion. Prerequisite: ENGR& 214.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Kinematics
    • Determine velocity and position relations based on constant acceleration.
    • Determine velocity and position relations based on acceleration as function of time.
    • Perform particle projectile motion analysis.
    • Compute centripetal acceleration and radius of curvature relations.
    • Relate angular position, velocity, and acceleration relations to linear motion.
    • Use translating reference frames to compute relative motion of points on rigid bodies.
    • Use graphical vector methods to perform relative motion analysis.
    • Use vector component operations to perform relative motion analysis.
    • Apply general motion equation to multiple rotating systems in 2D and 3D.
  • Kinetics
    • Particle Analysis:
      • Apply Newton's Law to determine forces involved in linear and curvilinear motion.
      • Define work, spring energy, friction work, potential energy, and spring energy.
      • Use work and energy methods to solve particle initial and final motion description.
      • Apply momentum analysis, impulsive and conservative, on particle systems.
      • Compute final velocity magnitudes and directions using coefficient of impact definitions.
    • Rigid Body Analysis:
      • Relate rotational and linear forces as applied to motion analysis of pulley systems.
      • Determine reaction forces of linearly translating vehicles.
      • Apply rotational inertia relations to dependent linkage systems, determining support reactions.
      • Use rotation energy and work methods to solve initial and final motion description.
      • Apply angular momentum analysis on rigid body motion.



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