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HCTM 175 HIT Systems Life Cycle Management • 5 Cr.


This course gives an overview of the healthcare information management systems life cycle, including analysis planning and design, selection and acquisition, implementation and management, and testing and evaluation. The focus is on best practices and standards that guide effective implementation and maintenance of information systems to support clinical processes and workflow in healthcare organizations. Recommended: Background in either an IT-related or Healthcare-related field.


HCTM 175 is part of the Certified Associate in Healthcare Information & Management Systems (CAHIMS) certificate program. Through federal grant funds students receive support from a Student Navigator and Academic Coach who will provide career and instructional support services. Students will complete an initial survey on their goals.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Outline effective strategies to gather, analyze and prioritize user and technical requirements
  • Describe processes that support the documentation and analysis of current business and clinical processes (e.g., process mapping, flow diagramming, needs analysis)
  • Explain the key steps in proposal development and systems specification, including system verification, validation, and reliability activities
  • Describe issues that relate to usability and human factors in system selection and implementation, and best practices to resolve these issues
  • Describe the purpose and identify the elements of requests for information and requests for proposals
  • Identify the key steps and factors in systems and vendor selection, and in systems acquisition
  • Explain key elements of the systems lifecycle management process, with specific roles and responsibilities for each phase of the process
  • Describe strategies for user training and support, and ways to assess these strategies based on user feedback and systems performance metrics
  • Outline the main roles and responsibilities in routine systems monitoring and management
  • Describe the purpose and format of various systems documentations
  • Outline testing methods and plans to support systems implementation and ongoing performance

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