HCTM 293 HCI - New Student Orientation • 2 Cr.


This course prepares students in the Healthcare Informatics program for transition into baccalaureate-level study. Students gain an understanding of program expectations, campus resources, and strategies for success in an online learning environment. Additionally, students make connections with HCI faculty, staff and peers, develop CANVAS skills and establish a learning portfolio for their BAS degree. Prerequisite: Admission to HCI program or instructor permission.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Develop personal goals and strategies for success in an online degree.
  • Access support services available to HCTM students.
  • Register, receive advising, access online advising resources, and plan for educational success.
  • Acknowledge policies set forth in the HCTM student handbook.
  • Establish social connections with peers in an online cohort.
  • Establish academic connections with HCTM faculty and staff.
  • Construct a learning portfolio that will be used throughout the BAS degree.