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HPRO 175 Health Unit Coordinator II • 5 Cr.


Covers the skills needed to become a Health Unit Coordinator. Includes procedures and skills required for this position in a simulated healthcare environment. Enforced Prerequisite: HPRO 174 and BTS 144 with a C- or better or permission of instructor.


Fee: $82.50 Supply Fee.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of the patient’s chart including its importance as a legal document
  • Demonstrate the process of preparing and maintaining patients’ charts
  • Explain the importance of confidentiality related to the patient’s chart
  • Demonstrate the five guidelines for filing records on a patient’s chart
  • Analyze and demonstrate the steps for the transcription of doctors’ orders
  • Demonstrate how to transcribe medication, therapy, activity, positioning, observation, diagnostic, laboratory, and miscellaneous orders
  • Distinguish between doctors’ orders for tests, therapies/services, medication, and nursing orders and analyze the health unit coordinator’s responsibilities for transcription
  • Explain the need to prioritize urgent and non-urgent orders
  • Demonstrate how to admit , discharge, and transfer a patient
  • Demonstrate the purpose and use of symbols during the transcription process
  • Identify and state the purpose of standard and supplemental chart forms
  • Explain the health unit coordinator’s responsibilities in emergencies, such as fire or disaster situation
  • Demonstrate the health unit coordinator’s patient-centered activities, including the steps for completing admission, discharge, transfer, and surgical-related forms
  • Using practice software demonstrate the process of retrieving diagnostic test results using the computer
  • Analyze when it is appropriate to make corrections on a patient’s medical chart



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