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INDES 262 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design • 5 Cr.


Description: Introduces computer-aided design for designers. Covers the role and application of computers in graphic communication and interior design while creating two-dimensional drawings. Hands-on work in the computer lab familiarizes students with the hardware and software. Prerequisite: INDES 171 with a C- or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Employ computer hardware, peripherals, operating system and software skills and knowledge in the design process to demonstrate their appropriate use in design presentation and documentation.
  • Produce drafted lines, using computer aided drafting application, with appropriate thickness, opacity, and precision.
  • Produce a legible and consistent style of conventional architectural lettering using computer aided drafting programs to convey written information.
  • Create technically accurate two-dimensional depictions of interior spaces and objects using drawing commands and printing them to proper architectural scale.
  • Demonstrate basic proficiency with two-dimensional drawing and productivity commands by tutorial practice and application of basic computer aided drafting skills in an interior design documentation project.
  • Select and use appropriate computer aided drafting tools and procedures in the design process, and appraise the benefits of using a computer aided drafting system versus manual drafting, by applying comparable computer aided drafting drafting techniques to produce an interior design documentation project.



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