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MKTG 236 Merchandise Management • 5 Cr.


Presents the concepts and functions of buying merchandise for sale. Topics include customer demand, budgeting, buying plans, market trips, and selection of merchandise. Recommended: BUS 145 and MKTG 135.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Both analysis and synthesis skills are required to complete most of the class assignments. Students must analyze an income statement, including profit variables, controllable expenses and the impact of markdowns, alterations costs, shipping costs and cash discounts on profit. Decisions involving corrective actions to be taken are made upon analysis. The exercise/worksheet on Open-to-Buy also requires both analysis and synthesis in order to construct a workable budget.
  • Specifically synthesis is used to complete exercises on markups (on cost and on retail), the impact of retail reductions, Open-to-Buy, inventory planning and stockturn.
  • The attached syllabus outlines topics, worksheets and other related course requirements as well as point values.
  • Sample worksheets have been included.

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