MKTG 292 Marketing Internship • V1-5 Cr.

Class title change starting Summer 2018

Marketing Internship • 5 Cr.


After securing internship placement students gain practical experience within the marketing management industry environment which they use as preparation for work readiness. The internship should consist of 3 - 15 hours (depending on number of Credits) weekly engagement with the organization; students will also meet weekly with the instructor and discuss work activities. Variable Credit based on hours worked in internship. Prerequisite: Permission of Program Chair.

Description starting Summer 2018

Provides an opportunity to apply learning in a real work environment. Students identify and secure the internship, help is available from faculty and the Center for Career Connections if needed. Students are expected to work the full quarter at the internship. Employers will work with the student to establish a learning plan, which will be evaluated and approved by the Program Chair. Faculty will meet once a week with the student to review their progress. Prerequisite: Permission of Program Chair.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Earn practical experience on the job, increase credentials, and create a work history
  • Develop in demand marketing skills that help distinguish one from other candidates for employment
  • Establish a professional network in the work environment
  • Practice discipline and time management balancing work and school responsibilities
  • Utilize interpersonal communications skills to build relationships with co-workers