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NMTEC 232 Clinical Education III • 12 Cr.


Third in a five-course sequence of supervised clinical instruction in nuclear medicine technology. Topics include imaging, patient care, radiopharmacy, camera quality control, and computer analysis. Students are expected to gain proficiency according to defined objectives. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.

Description starting Summer 2018

Third course in a five-course clinical internship sequence. Students work toward functioning independently while working under supervision of licensed technologists. Enhancement of skills and knowledge at an intermediate level in areas related to patient care, imaging, computer analysis, instrumentation, quality control, hot lab procedures, safety practice, and therapy procedures. Focuses are on self-evaluation and refinement of skills and techniques. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Perform routine and non-routine nuclear medicine procedures, including protocol modifications for particular situations, analysis of complementary imaging studies, and assessment of computer processing techniques.
  • Evaluate appropriateness and timing of requested nuclear medicine procedures.
  • Discuss how to address emergency situations in the context of a nuclear medicine department.
  • Demonstrate flexibility, multi-tasking, and prioritizing in clinical workday situations.
  • Demonstrate accuracy in calculations, patient monitoring, and administrative/record-keeping tasks.
  • Analyze the results of equipment quality control procedures and suggest steps to be taken when the results suggest non-optimal performance.
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage a scan room, including adjusting the schedule to accommodate additional imaging procedures, staying on schedule, and assisting other scan rooms.
  • Discuss the pathophysiologic basis of conditions imaged with nuclear medicine techniques, and the appearance of images based on the pathophysiology.



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